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Portfolio Update

This is the final for our Picture Book Junkie’s group postcard that was mailed out this week.

What better push to update the ol’ portfolio!  

Portfolio 1 are samples for trade books.

Portfolio 2 focuses on samples geared toward educational and magazine assignments.

Portfolio 3 has work in black and white and some spot illustrations.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Back to School Sketch

Here is a sketch for a postcard sample that will be going out soon. 

I have a new page of images added to the portfolio, some older, some new. 

Portfolio 2, check it out!

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New Project

conorsgiftcolorsampleth2-copy.jpgHere is a peek at a color sample for my first picture book.  It’s with a company overseas.  I love the story, there is a jade necklace involved, how me is that?  I will share more when I am able!


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Tomie dePaola Award!


I returned from the SCBWI Winter conference late last night.  It still feels like a dream!  My brain is always so overloaded after being around such a vast swell of talent and inspiration.

I won the Tomie dePaola Award for the portfolio display.  I was so shocked and honored.  There were 200 portfolios on display.  I still can’t believe it!

I will give you a few tips on putting together a winning portfolio:

1. Have a distinct style, this takes years of practice so get started now.

2. Include only your very best artwork, I had 11 pieces in my portfolio that were my absolute best. Don’t include anything that shows your weaknesses!

3.  When putting together your portfolio start out with a strong piece and end with the strong piece.  Don’t put your best piece first though or it will be all downhill from there!

4. Don’t worry about winning competitions, because it’s so subjective and what you really want is a portfolio that lands jobs!

Thanks for all the well-wishes and support.  I will wear my tiara proudly over the next year!


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Plain Picky Sketch


I have a story idea for these two rolling around in my head.  But for now they will be another series of 3 images for my portfolio. 

homepage.jpgThe soda fountain was inspired by the one in my hometown at MacDonalds Drug Store!  Oh how I loved sitting on those stools and spinning around.


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Surprise Packages!


The finished sample from yesterday’s sketch.  To see all three samples click here.  I printed these ones up in a teal color for a brighter and younger feel.  

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